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Terms and Conditions:
Equi-Wealth finance is a financial service firm founded in 2014. Equi-Wealth finance is licensed under MTI-DCSACS to operate within the jurisdiction of the Republic of Botswana as a credit and saving institution.
Equi wealth finance conducts its business model governed by its bye-laws under which all members are eligible to become voting shareholders provided they purchase Equi-wealth Finance shares at its current market price. Equi-wealth Finance members can access its services while still non-voting shareholders (pending to be voting shareholders) so long as they gratify the requirements to be such, that is, one qualifies as a voting shareholder after they have purchase Equi-wealth finance shares.

To partake in Equi-Wealth finance services, shareholders are required to complete and sign the required shareholder form, open and maintain the surety saving account required. It is mandatory for all Equi-wealth stakeholders to open and maintain the Equi-saving account for it is the precise account that maintains your shareholder-ship (both voting and non-voting shareholder ship).
Equi wealth finance will not be responsible for any of the client’s tax related matters; it is up to the clients to sort out their tax issues with burs

Equi-wealth finance will not be used as a money laundry cleaning machine, if there is any suspicious income deposited to us, we will halt all trading on such account and involve the relevant authority without hesitation.
By becoming a shareholder of Equi-wealth finance, you agree that any dispute or controversy between you and Equi-Wealth Finance shall be subject to, and shall be exclusively submitted to Equi-Wealth Supervisory Committee (EWSC) and if not satisfied with the outcome, you should seek board of director intervention. Arbitration is final and binding on both parties. By choosing arbitration, you and Equi-wealth Finance are each agreeing to waive the right to seek remedies in court, including the right to jury trial. Arbitration must be commenced by service upon the other party in a written demand for arbitration or a written notice of intention to arbitrate If you agree to the terms and conditions, Submit for account opening
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