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    These are Business loans given to shareholders who own small enterprises. These type of loans are paid on a weekly and monthly basis For one to qualify for a certain loan amount, the savings equivalent to the loan amount should be in the account for a period not less than 5 months Loan ranges from P 5 000 ≤ L ≤ P 40 000 These loans are in the ratio 1: 6. You save 20% of the loan amount you wish to take for 6 months and the Payment structures are such that if:


    Personal loans offered to individuals who are shareholders of Equi wealth Finance. These type of loans are paid on a monthly basis. The loan is on ratio 4: 1, the latter being surety savings Loan ranges from P 1 000 ≤ P L ≤ P 100 000 depending on the lending Saving Ratio and Surety savings are used as security in that ratio